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Kerry Campbell and her daughter Britney appeared on Good Morning America last week to defend her use of botox to help Britney win beauty pageants.  She claims a lot of pageant moms use botox on their girls, a claim that is refuted by Valerie Walker, a veteran pageant coach.

“This is not what pageantry is about. I’m sorry to say she’s only doing a disservice to her child and will never win the title she seeks,” Walker said.

Campbell doesn’t believe she is harming her daughter’s health or self image and says Britney has asked for the injections. Campbell, who is a part time aesthetician, admits to having given herself botox injections.  She says she gives her daughter five shots in three areas on her face. 

“The few times that we did it, it would lessen the lines. They wouldn’t completely disappear, she’s a kid. And we don’t do so much to where it’s going to make a big difference.”

The FDA has not approved the use of botox for cosmetic reasons on children.  But then, why would a child need botox for cosmetic purposes? Eight year olds should not be worried about wrinkles or fading beauty.

ABC News’ medical editor, Dr. Richard Besser said, “If you inject it in the face and it drifts to your throat, it can prevent you from swallowing. If it drifts to your breathing muscles, you can stop breathing. In a young child, if you are chronically using it on the face it may actually change the shape of your face because your muscles interact with your bones to form what your face eventually looks like.”

Thankfully, the San Francisco Human Services Agency decided to launch an investigation. Britney has since been removed from Campbell’s custody pending the outcome of the investigation.  There is likelihood that she will not lose permanent custody.  She could be sent to parenting classes.

What’s truly sad is that she has no idea how much damage she is doing to her daughter.  To convince your eight year that she has wrinkles when she hasn’t fully developed, or to teach her that the only thing that matters in her life are her looks is just the wrong way to raise a daughter today.

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