10/24/2011 8:39 PM

Rescue workers are scrambling to find survivors in the rubble after a magnitude-7.2 earthquake rattled parts of Eastern Turkey. Roughly 230 people were killed and another 1,300 people were injured in Sunday’s devastating quake.

Numerous aftershocks, the strongest at a 6.0, ravaged the nation’s poorest area. About 970 buildings came crashing to the ground. One of them was a health services building. Injured people were being treated in the hospital’s garden.

For the survivors the fight isn’t over yet. Now, they’re battling the nearly freezing temperatures, most without a home for refuge. Some people collected wood from collapsed buildings to start fires for warmth.

Electricity and gas are out in the majority of houses, but officials are hoping to restore both by the end of the day.

Many surrounding nations have offered their support and aide, but a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the country is prepared to handle the disaster on its own.

Turkey is "no stranger to having these seismic events," but Sunday's quake is considered major, CNN Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf said.

In 1999, a 7.6-magnitude quake killed 17,000 people, and later that year, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake killed about 900 others.


Sources: CNN

Photo Sources: AFP/Getty Images

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