11/23/2011 8:45 PM

Not excited for Thanksgiving? We have a solution for your holiday hatred: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game!

Sure, it’s early in the morning, but there are a lot of holiday’s where the alcohol consumption starts bright and early. Why would Thanksgiving need to be any different than Cinco De Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day? So spike that eggnog and grab your remote control; this year you’re in for a hell of a time!


• Every time a marching band is featured = 1 drink

• Every time they say “Macy’s” = 2 drinks

• Any time you see a Black Friday commercial = 1 drink

• Every time you see the Macy’s star = 1 drink

• Every time a balloon handler gets dragged by a balloon = 3 drinks

• Every time little kids dance or sing = 1 drink

• Every time you see Snoopy = 1 drink

• When you see a new balloon = 2 drinks (This year, look for Tim Burton’s Balloon “B.” and the Macy’s American Elf Adventure winner’s balloon “Gazer the Elf”)

• Any time announcers mention the history of the parade/balloon/float = 1 drink

• Every time you see a turkey (animated, living or cooked) = 2 drinks

If you play the game right, it won’t be the Tryptophan in the turkey that knocks you out this Thanksgiving! Happy holidays!


Photo Sources: SXC, Wikipedia


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