1/31/2012 1:21 AM

If you've been waiting for a special occasion to propose to your favorite fellow MMO player on RIFT, now's your chance! Become part of a Guinness World Record by getting virtually hitched on the upcoming holiday of hearts. Trion Worlds, maker of the game RIFT, is encouraging every character to marry another character on Valentine's Day to set the Most In-Game Marriages in a 24-Hour Period.

The event begins on February 14th at 9am PST (noon EST) and every player who participates will receive an exclusive Valentine’s Day character title, dubbed “Tier of Knots." Plus, five lucky couples who send in love stories about how mass multiplayer online games play a role in their relationships will be picked to play out a premium, pimped out wedding ceremony. And it will be broadcast to all the other players! 

But what if you're already married in the game? Get divorced! You can actually purchase "divorce papers" from the "marriage coordinator" to annul your nuptials. Then go back and buy a "marriage contract" to remarry during the record setting session. There are no restrictions for marrying the same sex, race, or class -- you just can't marry someone from an opposing faction!

Entries for the True Romance in Telara Contest are being welcomed now through February 6th.

Source, Photo: Geekosystem

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