12/1/2011 2:07 AM

The days of the $5 foot-long Subway sandwich might have come to an end. But, before you get bummed out, it’s not because the prices are going up! Subway is setting the bar high for competitors this December by advertising a 6-inch submarine sandwich for only $2.

The deal is limited to standard cold cuts and meatball subs, but is still a MAJOR bargain! Other businesses have tried this low price point in the past, but didn’t necessarily offer a meal. A 6-inch sub, for many people, could be a meal in itself.

December is a particularly low sales month for the sandwich chain as well as fast food restaurants in general. This not only means that their 6-inch is $2, but it means 12-inch sandwiches would essentially be $4. They aren’t marketing that deal, but if you ordered two of the smaller sandwiches they can’t deny you!

I have a feeling Subway is going to see a bigger success with this deal than they did with one month of $5 subs. It’s just too low of a tab for consumers to not take advantage of it!


Sources: USA Today

Photo Source: SXC

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