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Contemporary art can be really weird, and few things make that more clear than the Turner Prize, an annual award presented to a British artists under 50. Tate, an institution that houses the United Kingdom's national collection of British art, organizes the often controversial event which has featured such exhibits as a shark in formaldehyde, a rumpled bed, and balls of elephant dung, among other things.

The Turner Prize 2012 shortlist is in, and artists Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler, Paul Noble, and Elizabeth Price made the cut. Let’s meet the contenders.

According to TIME.com, Spartacus Chetwynd was born with the name Lali, but changed it five years ago because she wanted “to remind people they have a choice in life.” The 38-year-old artist told a British newspaper that she likes her new name because it annoys people and that “the moment it stops annoying people, I will rename myself again.” Spartacus specializes in performance art, and was shortlisted for her exhibit Odd Man Out, on display at Sadie Coles HQ Gallery. Spartacus’s work is difficult to describe, so here's a photo.

Luke Fowler, 34, is a cinema artist who has released a number of documentary films exploring the lives of counter cultural figures. His film All Divided Selves earned Fowler the Turner Prize nomination. The documentary examines the life and works of Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing.

Elizabeth Price is also a filmmaker, but she and Fowler have a very different style. Price’s HERE exhibition, on display at BALTIC, Centre for Contemporary Art, got her on the Turner Prize shortlist, an exhibition that features what TIME calls “highly sexualized, high-definition films of inanimate, functional objects like cars, vinyl records, and egg whisks.”

Last but not least is artist Paul Noble. Noble’s exhibition, Welcome to Nobson, is on display at London’s Gagosian Gallery and is one of many drawings featuring the fictional world of Nobson Newtown. The people in Noble’s Nobson project are unmistakably poo shaped.

Work by the shortlisted artists will be shown in an exhibition at Tate Britain beginning October 2, 2012. The Turner Prize winner will be announced at Tate Britain on December 3.

Which artist do you like best?

Photo: Spartacus Chetwynd, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

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