11/30/2010 1:19 AM

Now that Four Loko is all but banned in the United States, the media is turning its attention to another boozy treat: alcoholic whipped cream. The Boston Herald, Time, Washington Post, and several other media outlets have all published reports about "whipahol" products like Cream and Whipped Lightning.

Cream and Whipped Lightning are much like the popular Reddi-wip in that they are canisters of whipped cream, perfect for complementing tasty desserts (or just eating straight from the can). However, unlike Redd-wip, Cream and Whipped Lightning are anywhere between 15% - 18% alcohol by volume. They also cost $13 a canister and are only available at liquor stores (unlike the much-maligned Four Loko).

Critics argue that products like Four Loko, Cream, and Whipped Lightning target children because they come in flavors like chocolate, raspberry, orange, and cherry. However, they seem to forget that adults like these flavors too. When did chocolate and raspberry become "kid" flavors?

So far, there's no call for bans on Cream or Whipped Lightning, but that could change anytime. I'm all for responsible consumption, but it seems officials are taking things a bit too far. What's next? The holiday chocolates with liquor-flavored centers?

What do you think?

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Jena United States on 11/30/2010 5:54 PM though i doubt i'll be buying this, whipped lightning IS a pretty sweet name.

Laura United States on 11/30/2010 8:16 PM I can't envision spending $13 on whipped cream, but it sounds pretty cool. Can you imagine putting that on pecan pie at Christmas??
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