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Whether preaching from behind the pulpit or playing the drums, Dr. Mark Temperato is passionate about his ministry in Lakeville, New York. However, his services aren't solemn and silent. Mark spreads his messages with the help of 135 drums, 125 cymbals, a train whistle, and a symphonic gong!

"Mark plays for an audience of ONE – 'The Creator of the Universe'! Everybody else gets the overflow and all the Glory goes to God!" states the Breath of Worship Church website. Many believe his unique percussion combination is the world's largest drum set.

"We've been in talks with Guinness," Mark says. "They just don't know which category to put me in."

It takes a four man crew 8 to 10 hours to set up the musical monstrosity and 8 hours to take it down. The 7 foot symphonic gong was custom made for Mark by a company in East Germany. It is hung 18ft. in the air directly behind the drum set and he plays it with sticks, large gong mallets, and brushes. He even hurls softballs at it from 30ft. away.

"If hit too hard and too long, it has the capability of disintegrating your internal organs," Mark explains. "I once played it with my huge gong mallets way too hard for 1 minute nonstop. And even with custom ear plugs, my vision was blurry on and off for about two weeks. It does not go just around you, but through you as well."

The set also includes 235 chimes & bells, 7 blocks, and 10 cowbells. Plus, there's a Nathan Airchime K5HL Train Horn. "That baby moves some air," Mark says.

Everything is strategically synchronized so Mark can play the entire system from his seat. Check him out in this video!

Source, Photos: BreathofWorship.org

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