3/24/2012 12:24 AM

There’s no denying it. People love puppies and people love miniature anything. We bring you the best of both worlds today. Meet Beyonce, the tiniest puppy in the world weighing in at only four ounces! There’s a reason for the name and no, it is not to offend the pop star. This little cutie has cheated death several times in her short life, so naming her after the woman behind the song, “I’m a Survivor,” seemed fitting!

Before the pup was even born, her life was on the line. First, the litter was almost aborted. Then, the mother was nearly euthanized. Finally, all the little puppies make it into the world and Beyonce, the runt of the litter, isn’t breathing! The dog was immediately given CPR and fortunately she made it through!

Since it is National Puppy Day, it seemed only fair to celebrate this itty bitty survivor; not to mention the dog is clearly adorable, so how could we leave her off the blog! According to the National Puppy Day website, the holiday is dedicated to celebrating all the unconditional love that these little guys bring into our lives. The organization behind it promotes saving orphaned pups and educating people on the horrors of puppy mills!


Source: Gawker, National Puppy Day

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Emma Green United States on 3/24/2012 12:52 AM Oh my goodness, little Beyonce is so cute. The perfect story for national puppy day! I'm so glad she has been able to cheat death several times already. Hopefully she lives a long a healthy life!
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