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The fifth season of Breaking Bad debuted last Sunday (July 15). Here’s an explosive drinking game to celebrate the return of Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the meth-brewing gang. As with all our drinking games, feel free to add your own rules in the comment section below. Enjoy (responsibly)!

Drink whenever…

  • Someone smokes meth.
  • A character is shown making or selling meth.
  • Someone dies in a rather violent fashion.
  • Walt kills someone (two drinks).
  • Walt appears in his underwear.
  • Jesse says “yo” or “bitch.”
  • Someone has a drug-related freak out.
  • A big bag of money or stack of cash appears.
  • Someone refers to meth in a slangy way. For example, blue crystal, ice, glass.
  • Walt gives someone a chemistry lesson.
  • Walt yells at Jesse for screwing something up.
  • You hear the Breaking Bad music
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