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Back in my day, girls tore photos of their favorite celebs from fan mags and hung the pics on their bedroom walls. My own bedroom was adorned with colorful posters of New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Brandis, and Kirk Cameron, just to name a few. However, static pin ups may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new interactive poster that responds to being kissed.

Naturally, this technology comes from Japan. A team of researchers at Japan’s Keio University have created a poster (actually more like a video) that can judge the distance of passer bys and prompt the person pictured to pucker up accordingly. When someone approaches the poster, the male or female image will blush, smile, or close their eyes to prepare for a kiss, something that thrills lead researcher Keidai Ogawa who hopes to use the technology for celebrity posters.

“I’m a big fan of pop idols, and I have posters of them in my room,” Ogawa says in the demonstration video below. “It bugged me that the posters didn’t move at all. We built this system because we thought, if a poster could move to match people’s movements, that would be interactive and fun.”

Ogawa and the team have conducted a few user tests, and people have requested the scent of shampoo, an audio loop whispering “I love you,” and lemon-flavored lip gloss where the poster person’s lips are located. Some people in Japan must be very lonely!

What do you think of interactive posters? While I like the idea of portraits that can move and talk, a la Harry Potter, kissing a video screen seems extraordinarily sad and creepy.

Source: Time

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